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It’s almost HalloweenOctober 29th 2016

With Halloween and all of the other holidays approaching, don’t forget to schedule your car maintenance appointment.

There will be many scary pumpkins this season. We don’t want this one to be yours! Read More »

The Professional DifferenceApril 22nd 2016

The old-fashioned tune-up used to be done “by ear”, but this isn’t possible with computer-controlled engines. A complete diagnostic check, followed by professional service, should be performed at factory-recommended intervals, or whenever your car shows any of the above warning signs. Our expert technicians can:

  • Test idle speed, throttle response, engine temperature, fuel system pressure, manifold vacuum, exhaust emission levels
  • Tap in and read the signals being sent between the computer, its sensors, and the output devices
  • Retrieve and investigate any “trouble codes” stored in the engine’s computer, indicating that something is wrong or out of spec.
  • Repair or replace any malfunctioning parts; perform scheduled replacements or service as recommended by car manufacturer
  • Restore your car to original performance specifications, reliability and emission control requirements

What’s All This About a Computer in My Car?April 21st 2016

The “Computer” in Your Car Doesn’t Have a Screen, a keyboard, or a Disk Drive — but It’s Got Lots of Connections.

Your car’s on-board computer doesn’t look anything like the kind that’s used on a desktop. The “computer” is a small box called an ECM (Electronic Control Module), often mounted behind the glove box or in the engine compartment. The ECM controls all the essentials of engine operation: spark timing, fuel delivery, emissions, and in some cases even the air conditioning or the automatic transmission. Keeping all those systems in tip-top shape is no simple job; it requires complex test equipment and advanced diagnostic skills. Read More »

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