no-pack-rats-tucsonPerfection Auto Works is a strong believer in the Rid-A-Rat system.

Rid-A-Rat is a safe and effective way of eliminating pack rat damage in your vehicle. Pack rats chew the wiring in your vehicle which can cause thousands of dollars in damage. They are a huge problem here in Tucson.

The Rid-A-Rat system is a specially designed low energy LED light that is easy on your car battery but strong enough to disturb the night vision of the rats. This is not a sonic or poisonous device. Our special LED light causes the rat’s iris to expand and contract from the brightness. They hate this and the resulting fatigue causes the rat to find new territory for their nest away from your car.

Rid-A-Rat is environmentally safe and built in the U.S.A. Contact Perfection Auto Works to learn more about this solution.

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