Mercedes Car Care Tips

Perfection Auto Works is the first place you want to go for all of your Mercedes repairs, but did you know we also can give advice on other ways to care for your car?

Mercedes Exterior Care

Taking care of the outside of your car is important because it’s the first thing that people will notice.  A clean car is a reflection of the pride you take in owning your Mercedes.  Using the proper products to wash your car is important.  Using dish soap can strip the wax.  Only use automotive grade car wash soap and wax.  After you wash your car, use a towel or chamois designed to be safe for the finish. Proper drying is key to having a spot free finish. Using the proper products to remove contaminants from your paint will keep your Mercedes Benz looking great for the long run.

Mercedes Interior Care

The interior of your Mercedes has several different materials.  It’s worth the little extra effort to use a leather product on your seats and surface product for the knobs and controls.  Tucson has no shortage of gravel that gets tracked into your car so a regular vacuuming will keep the dirt from working its way into your Mercedes floor mats.

Under the Hood of your Mercedes

Now that the cosmetics are taken care of, remember to follow the recommended Mercedes Benz maintenance schedule.  There are slights variances depending on if your have a gasoline or diesel powered car.  Check your owners manual or speak to the experts at Perfection Auto Works to keep your Mercedes running optimally.  A little regular maintenance can save you from large repairs in the future!



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