Mercedes Timing Chain Issues

Mercedes information on timing chain issues:
  • Drivability issues: Problems during acceleration or at idle can indicate that your camshaft position sensor isn’t detecting the position of your camshaft correctly. You may experience hesitation, stumbling, vibrations or stalling.
  • Problems starting your vehicle: Your vehicle may take a long time to start or not start at all if the camshaft position sensor is damaged. This problem tends to get worse as time goes on, to the point that your vehicle won’t start at all.
  • Check engine light: There can be many reasons that your check engine light comes on, but a faulty camshaft position sensor is a common cause. As your sensor drifts out of range, your ECU detects a malfunction and turns on the dashboard warning light.

Mercedes-Benz V6 and V8 engines had timing chain problems caused by balance shaft and idler gear failures. Mercedes produced certain models with defective gears in their balance shafts (M272 engines) or with defective idle gears ( M273 engines). These faulty gears wear out prematurely, excessively, and without warning, causing the vehicle to malfunction, the ‘check engine light’ to remain illuminated, and the vehicle to misfire or stop driving. A lawsuit was filed against Mercedes-Benz.

Timing chain failures can cause catastrophic engine damage. Early signs of this problem are the check engine light and engine noise. If the timing chain fails, the pistons can hit the valves and cause severe damage to the engine. Engines with the balance shaft worn sprocket were Mercedes-Benz 350 models (Example: E350 C350 etc. ) that were equipped with the M272 engine. Mercedes-Benz engine is typically labeled as 450 models that have the V8 M273 engine had problems with worn guide idler gear. The parts themselves are not very expensive, but they are very costly to replace.

Please check your Vin number to see if the car you own is part of the issues with the models listed.

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