Springtime Mercedes Benz Maintenance Tips

With the arrival of warm weather, it’s time to prepare your Mercedes Benz for Spring.  Tucson may not have extreme cold like other areas of the country but regular service to your car is just as important.  Between spring breaks, family events, graduations, and date nights, the warm weather is a perfect excuse to make use of your vehicle. Perfection Auto Works can ensure that your Mercedes is in optimal mechanical condition.

Here are our top 5 Mercedes Benz maintenance tips for spring:

Check your fluids

Most people know how to check their oil but how often do you think about the other fluids?  At Perfection we check them all.  Starting with the less important such as windshield wiper fluid, to more critical fluids such as your power steering fluid, coolant fluid, and transmission fluid.  In most cases, not all need to be changed each trip.  Our inspection will let you know if any are the wrong consistency, discolored, or simply running low.  We reference the Mercedes Benz factory service manuals to get the correct match for your car’s model and year.


Tucson may not have invented the pothole but we certainly seem to have perfected them.  Tires have a huge impact on how your Mercedes Benz performs.  Low tire pressure can negatively impact your fuel economy.  Balding tread can be a safety issue.  And uneven tire wear can indicate problems with your car’s suspension.  While nobody likes replacing their tires, they are something that can’t be ignored.


Perfection Auto Works has the proper equipment to check the electrical system on your Mercedes.  We can check your battery, spark plugs, and the wires connecting them.  It’s much better to take care of a weak battery discovered through an inspection than being stranded in a parking lot.

Air Conditioning

In our opinion, Air Conditioning is a modern marvel.  We can make sure that your Mercedes air conditioning system is blowing cold.  We can charge your system if it’s running a little low.  We are also experts at diagnosing deeper problems such as refrigerant leaks or compressor problems. You will be using your A/C a lot in the coming months.  Perfection will keep it cool.

Belts, Hoses, Brakes, Oh My!

Perfection Auto Works has a multi-part inspection to make sure that nothing is missed. The Arizona heat is brutal on rubber parts.  As your hoses age, they can begin to crack.  You may also find cracks or fraying on your timing belt.  It’s vital to keep your timing belt in good repair. Our Mercedes Benz inspection is designed to catch all of these problems.

Contact Perfection Auto Works to make your spring maintenance appointment.


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