Autumn Car Repair in Tucson

The staff here at Perfection Auto Works celebrates the cooler temperatures we’re about to experience as autumn arrives in Tucson. The change in weather gives a minute to focus on how car repair differs from our typical hot summer.

Regular Car Maintenance

We stress regular car maintenance like a broken record.  This is because catching problems early will save you a lot of money in the long run.  Plus, a well maintained vehicle will last longer than one that is abused.  Some people don’t know what regular repairs and maintenance actually is, and that is okay.  We are a complete auto repair shop meaning that we work on all types of cars from BWM, Mercedes, VW, Ford, Toyota, you name it! Even if you have an exotic like Jaguar, we are equipped to work on it.

Oil Change Service

An oil change is the most common type of regular maintenance for your automobile.  If your car uses traditional oil, we’ll be seeing you every 3,000 miles.  For cars that use long life synthetic oil, you may be able to drive 15,000 miles between pit stops.  It all depends on the type of car and the recommendations from the manufacturer.

Windshield Wiper Replacement

Since we are talking about fall, rain could be in the forecast.  Of course monsoon season already gave us a beating.  How are your windshield wipers holding up?  No car service is too small for us to take on.  In addition to the wiper change, ask us to inspect the rest of the vehicle.  How is your wiper fluid holding up? With the dusty rain, you might be using your wiper fluid to clean your windshield more often.  We’ll top it off so that you don’t run out when you need it.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is another common car maintenance task. The rough roads in Tucson will give your tires a beating. Rotate them every 6,000 miles to keep even wear among all 4 tires. If you’re afraid that your tire tread is getting low, we’ll be happy to inspect your tires and make recommendations.

Wheel Alignment Service

Perfection Auto Works has the correct tools to fix your steering alignment.  Perhaps your car tends to pull in one direction while driving. Or you feel too much play in your steering wheel. These are all common and easy to fix.

Make an appointment with Perfection Auto Works to have your car’s mechanical systems running like new again!


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